Second and third phases of FNS is getting started

Written by  NNFTRI
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Following the successful experience of FNS in six provinces of Iran during 2014-16, the second phase of FNS will be conducted in Alborz, a province adjacent to Tehran. In the first phase, the objectives of FNS were confined to some specific questions regarding seasonal variations of vitamin D status and its association with some cardiometabolic risk factors as well as the situation of fat and sugar consumption in the six provinces enrolled in the program. In the second phase, however, FNS in its full scale will be settled down in Alborz province. All subjects aged 2-65yrs will be surveyed in this phase. Meanwhile, FNS program will be established in eight (semi)deprived provinces including Khoozestan, Kerman, Ilam, Booshehr, Hormozgan, Kohgilooyeh va Boyer Ahmad, Sistan va Baloochestan and West Khorasan. Children from 0-18 yrs will comprise the target group for this phase of the program. Like the first phase, the third phase of FNS in the eight provinces will also be supported by UNICEF. All FNS activities are conducted mutually by NNFTRI and Community Nutrition Improvement Office of IrMOH.    

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